Bach to the Future, All-Night J.S. Bach Marathon - 4.14.14

Bach-to-the-Future, All Night J.S. Bach Marathon - Brown University, 4.4.14

Live performance from the 2nd Annual "Bach To The Future" All-Night J.S. Bach Marathon - - April 4th, 2014 at Brown University's Manning Chapel.

A live "spatialization" of Bach's "Musical Offering" - - consisting of 2 portable, vari-speed cassette players with recordings of Charles Rosen playing the Ricercar on the piano, as well as a roving iPhone playing Webern's orchestration of the Musical Offering, BWV 1079.

Performed around 5am after an evening (all-night) of both traditional and non-traditional interpretations of Bach. The sun was rising, people can be heard slowly falling asleep, the heaters turn on, etc.

Organized by Sakiko Mori, and recorded by Brown Student Radio's Erik-Dardan Ymeraga.