Some Press

Some Press for RV…

We had a lovely article written in the Philadelphia Inquirer about Bill Dietz & Hong-Kai Wang’s show “Singing is what makes work possible”. There’s a great video in the digital version, and some sound samples from their singing sessions. What a fun show! You can learn more about the project here.


Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing

I started a small gallery / project space here in Philadelphia, along with Eric Laska.

Eric runs the wonderful Lateral Addition site. We had been scheming over the past year and finally rented a small space, formerly an office, at 2131 N American St. in Kensington.

Our first show is opening this Friday, February 8th.

To hear more, visit our site and sign up for the mailing list:

Walking Away From Music

Some New Writing in Standing Waves 2 

I wrote a piece for the journal / concert series Standing Waves

My contribution, "Walking Away From Music", talks about my recent performance and recording practices. Happy to be in good company with the series & the other artists here.

Follow the link to order a copy - it's a handsome edition!


Some new sounds

"Ambiences" - and more, now on Bandcamp

 Finally decided to put up most of my discography on Bandcamp. For your streaming / purchasing pleasure.

First up is a recent series, Ambiences, originally intended for release as a 12" vinyl EP. These tracks combine recorded ambience, in the film-sound sense, cut up with artificial mirror ambiences created w/ ambient matching software and melodic bits of guitar and synthesizer. I envisioned this 12" being played by a DJ in a fictional club's chill-out room, used as an ambient background to the club thump spilling out of neighboring rooms. My version of a dance record.

The recorded ambiences here are all from my old studio at the North American Industries building in Central Falls, RI. 

I may occasionally add some things from the archive. Please enjoy...


Materials for a Concert

New piece, "Materials for a Concert", published by Lateral Addition

 Very happy to have a new work included in the latest offerings from Lateral Addition.

This is the 9th installment of this wonderful bi-yearly publication of text and sound. Lots of gems to uncover here!

Vox Populi

April 15 @ Vox Populi: Jason Kahn, Ben Owen, Geoff Mullen, Al Jones & Reed Evan Rosen

Excited to be performing this weekend at Vox Populi. For more info on the show, please visit their site

Oraib Toukan "When Things Occur"

Oraib Toukan "When Things Occur" at Berlinale's Forum Expanded, 2017

Did some audio post-production on this beautiful and moving video from artist Oraib Toukan

From the artist: Based on Skype conversations with Gaza-based photographers, fixers and drivers who were behind specific images that were transmitted from screen to screen in the summer of 2014. The film probes the face of mourning and grief- its digital embodiment, transmission, and representation. It asks how the gaze gets channeled within the digital realm, and how empathy travels. Equally, how the documentary signifier - and its abstraction - operate when viewing suffering from behind one's LCD screen. What exactly is viewing suffering ‘at a distance’- and how many meters or kilometers is that? What is the behavior and political economy of the image of war? And who is the ‘local’ in the representation of war?

It will be screening at the Berlinale's Forum Expanded, up from Feb 9th till the 19th.

Bernd Klug's "String Quartet & Skyscraper" - 9.11.15, @ Austrian Cultural Forum

Bernd Klug  "String Quartet & Skyscraper" - 9.11.15, @ Austrian Cultural Forum


Happy to be a part of Bernd Klug's "String Quartet and Skyscraper" piece that premiered at the Austrian Cultural Forum on 9.11.15.

I was one of three mobile sound recordists, capturing the live performance of a string quartet while free to explore the building and Bernd's multi-floor installation within. Apart from the sound, which amplified much of the building's inner goings-on, there were also a series of beautiful collaborative works with the German painter Johanna Tiedtke.

Ear | Wave | Event - Issue Two - out now !

Ear | Wave | Event - Issue Two - Out Now !

(image: Matana Roberts)


I'm very happy to be included in the new edition of Ear | Wave | Event, a wonderful web-publication edited by Bill Dietz & Woody Sullender. There's a lot of great stuff in the new issue, including the above-pictured score from Matana Roberts' COIN COIN project, English translations of three texts by Christian von Borries, writings on "site un-specific" sound from Eric Laska, a nice back and forth on "relational listening" between Lawrence English and Bill Dietz, and much more!

My contribution, Fake Site, is equal parts document and score -- an ongoing project that was borne out of the Rock Room installation from the summer of 2014. It invites a few different readings, so if you're the type to engage with it please feel free to share your findings with me! 


Performance @ The Music Gallery in Toronto, 3.19.15

Eli Keszler's "Filtrations" premiere, February 11th @ The Kitchen, NYC

I'll be performing alongside ol' pal Eli Keszler and a wonderful small ensemble for the premiere of a new work, Filtrations, featuring Leila Bordreuil and Mariel Roberts (cellos), Tom Chiu (violin), Anthony Coleman (piano), Eli, and myself.



Found in New Bedford

A wonderful old 7" record recorded in 1962, released by a Providence, RI record label, Droll Yankees, Inc.

Bach to the Future, All-Night J.S. Bach Marathon - 4.14.14

Bach-to-the-Future, All Night J.S. Bach Marathon - Brown University, 4.4.14

Live performance from the 2nd Annual "Bach To The Future" All-Night J.S. Bach Marathon - - April 4th, 2014 at Brown University's Manning Chapel.

A live "spatialization" of Bach's "Musical Offering" - - consisting of 2 portable, vari-speed cassette players with recordings of Charles Rosen playing the Ricercar on the piano, as well as a roving iPhone playing Webern's orchestration of the Musical Offering, BWV 1079.

Performed around 5am after an evening (all-night) of both traditional and non-traditional interpretations of Bach. The sun was rising, people can be heard slowly falling asleep, the heaters turn on, etc.

Organized by Sakiko Mori, and recorded by Brown Student Radio's Erik-Dardan Ymeraga.